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Why Get Outside?

Our culture is shifting to an out-of-balanced media and technology-centered lifestyle with ramifications we can no longer ignore. The CDC has reported sharp increases in both physical and mental health complications due to this culture shift. Obesity, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, suicide, and dozens more health complications are the by-product of our media fixation and our youth are especially affected.

To help reform our youth culture, we have created a non-profit organization called Get Outside. Through Get Outside clubs in nine of our Southern Utah high schools, we provide education, mentoring, and opportunities for youth through outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, ski/snowboarding, wakeboarding, and more.

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Top Adventurers

Get Outside's Behind the Scenes crew that gets it done.

John Taylor

Board Member

Holly Avery

Director of Events

Derek Bryan

Board Member

Cheryl Young

Volunteer Coordinator